Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My range

Hiya Guys! Since my last post I have been working on my range! I might even give you a sneak peak of one of my options in the range.I love the coulours withnin my 1970's Seaside trend, I think they are super fun and perfect for a girlswear range. I have also been working on my research file by visiting one of the Mulberry stores and asking for any additional promotional handouts to put in my book. Unfortunately they didn't have much, so therefore gave me an email address. I emailed this yesterday and I'm still waiting for a response! :) This week has been a very busy week, I had my mums 50th Birthday and one of my close pals is moving away for 3 months to travel with the olympics! Exciting stuff! Anyways as promised heres a sneak peak at an option from the swimwear category in my range!..Hope you like it!...

Lots of Love x

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