Friday, 11 May 2012

Final Decision

The past few days have been so busy! Everyone is starting to panic as we've only got 4 weeks to go until hand in day! AHHH!!! We had some more tutorials today and I had to change the amount of options for my Mini Me Mulberry range. The figures have decreased from 102 to 49, which is much better as the original concept was too keep it small and compact as it's new to Mulberry this SS12. I also discussed the fact that I wasn't going to now manufacture my range in the UK, which my teacher then explained that I should definately stick to my orignal concept as it all links with Mulberry being a British brand, and also this would mean me changing my SOI. So I am going to stick to the Mini Me Mulberry as a British Manufactured range for girls aged 3-10 years. FINAL! Over and Out!...

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